Please contact us to request a full copy of our manual featuring our occupation health and safety policy.

Overview: The information contained in this manual will provide the basis for managing safety and health and injury management at Lumbejacks WA. This system has been designed to achieve minimum levels of compliance for workplaces in Western Australia. The documents found in this manual have been developed by appropriately experienced professionals. As such the documentation is for Lumberjacks WA use only and shall not be copied to third parties without prior approval from the correct services. Although the creation of this management system will assist in compliance, it is up to Lumbarjacks WA as a company, with the commitment of all employees, to implement this system into the workplace.  Only with commitment and the implementation of these procedures will occupational risks be appropriately managed in the workplace.

What is included:

  • Safety Manual
  • Occupational Safety and Health Policy
  • Injury Management Policy
  • Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Procedures
  • Induction and Training Resources
  • Relevant Forms

Safety Manual: The Safety manual has been designed to provide essential information on human resources, safety and health and injury management. Any person dealing with Lumberjacks WA has a right to know all duties and obligations with respect to their occupational safety and health and workers’ compensation.

Occupational Health and Safety Forms: Incorporated into the Safety Management System are Forms. These forms assist in the identification and recording of potential hazards in the workplace, incidents which have occurred, any training requirements and any additional information required to ensure effective management of safety in the workplace. The types of forms available include:

  • Hazard Report Form
  • Risk
  • Register
  • Accident/Incident Report Form
  • Inspection Checklist
  • Hazardous Substance Register

Occupational Health and Safety Policy: The Occupational Safety and Health Policy is designed to demonstrate the commitment by Lumberjacks WA to safety and health in the work environment. This statement is based on Section 19 and 20 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. The statements made in the policy are legally required within the workplace.

Injury Management: Recent changes to the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 requires all workplaces to have an injury management and return to work system. The documents in the injury management system fulfil the requirements of the Act. A person within the organisation shall be nominated as the injury management co-ordinator. This person will be responsible for managing an injury of an employee. This person will also be responsible for ensuring that a return to work program is developed for the injured employee.