Palm Tree Removal Perth


Palm Tree Removal Perth

Palm trees are an exotic and popular type of tree usually found in tropical places. There are many types of palm trees including date palms, cotton palms and cocos palms. You may have seen these trees on the sandy beaches of Los Angeles or locally here in Perth. This species of tree can endure Perth's harsh climate and require no maintenance on a day to day basis. 

Like all types of trees, they do require some love from time to time. If they're neglected their appearance can become unappealing which then ruins the look of your garden. They also "self-clean" in a process where they shed their seed pods. Therefore a little maintenance to clean these pods from your garden is needed. If left unattended, these pods will promote growth which will then attract insects and other unwanted animals to your garden. 

Lumberjacks are fully equipped and trained to perform jobs of varying difficulty. Our team are highly trained and qualified to work at heights and use all types of advanced machinery. Palm tree removals are complex to remove, but Lumberjacks will ensure you that this process will be simple and hassle-free. All works conducted by Lumberjacks are fully insured so you that you have added peace of mind.

Removal of Palm Trees

Similar to non palm trees, there are some health and safety concerns which will cause you to remove the tree. You may not be required to complete remove the tree, however removal and stump removal may be required. If you find your palm tree is causing one or more of these issues, then call Lumberjacks to begin the tree works.

These issues include:

  • Structural issues caused by the tree.
  • Danger risk to neighbouring properties.
  • Life cycle of the tree is nearing its end, or has ended.
  • Tree has been infected by termites and other insects.
  • Wild weather has destroyed the tree.
  • Maintenance has become a hassle.

Palm Tree Maintenance

It is important to engage in the proper maintenance of your palm trees. They are the unique and aesthetic feature to either your front or back garden. Without maintenance, your palm tree can look severely discoloured, droopy and hideous. Lumberjacks offer different types of palm tree services which will keep your palm tree looking beautiful.

  • Palm Tree Cleaning — it's important to annually clean your palm trees to prevent any future issues that may arise. Dependant on your type of palm tree, you will be generating fruit. Fruit will then attract rats as they're a source of food and habitat. Removing all dead fruit as well as the leaves will remove habitation for these pests.
  • Palm Tree Pruning — to keep your palm tree looking its best then regular pruning is required. Some leaves will begin to develop some brown discolouration. Other leaves and fruit may become trapped too. All palm tree pruning services should be performed by a trained professional as trunk damage can result in irreversible damage.

Let us know of any questions you may have regarding the services we offer.

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Lumberjacks offer premium quality services for all your tree and plant based needs.

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The team at Lumberjacks will provide you with an easy stump grinding service for your residential or commercial property. No matter the size, our team has the experience and machinery to grind the stump as well as remove it.

At Lumberjacks we offer various types of tree pruning services including formative, deadwood, selective, thinning, lifting and side pruning. Pruning by our professional arborist will lead to increased amount of produce and much more.

Palm tree removal as well as maintenance are tree work services offered by Lumberjacks. As highly exotic trees, it's essential that they're maintained properly and removed in a safe manner by our qualified professionals.

The team at Lumberjacks provide you with a professional, quality and hassle-free experience. All tree removal services are safely conducted by an experienced and highly qualified tree arborist.

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