Tree Pruning Perth


Tree Pruning Perth

Tree Pruning is the process of removing branches from a tree to improve the overall condition of the tree. This process is one of the many tree services offered by Lumberjacks. It's an essential process as it increases your tree's chances at a longer life. Pruning your tree, similar to other plants addresses potential issues such as appearance, shape and skeletal integrity. Removing the branches improves air circulation within the tree as well as minimises possible damage caused by wild weather. When done by a qualified arborist,  tree pruning can improve the beauty of your home and surroundings a lot. It will improve natural lighting and air flow to your home.

Lumberjacks are professional tree surgeons in Perth that work to provide exceptional customer service. Our professional and friendly staff provide customers with an accurate assessment of your tree. We aim to provide a fantastic job at a highly competitive price.  We offer multiple tree work services including tree removal, tree lopping, tree stump removal, stump grinding, tree cutting and many more.Why is Tree Pruning important?

There are many advantages when performing tree pruning services. It's important to get the pruning done at the correct time by a professional. Each tree is different, therefore they each require a different pruning technique. Improper pruning can lead to several issues which affect the growth and lifespan of the tree. Residents may choose to perform tree pruning for other reasons such as:

  • Correct the specific tree's unusual growing cycle.
  • To promote and assist an earlier regrowth.
  • To increase the amount of fruit or flowers produced by the tree.

What types of Tree Pruning are there?

At Lumberjacks, we offer various types of tree services in Perth at very competitive pricing. Each one of our arborists is expertly trained, qualified and highly experienced to perform all tree pruning services.

A range of pruning options is offered to suit a variety of tree requirements and types. Different pruning styles are provided to suit specific tree types including palm trees, gum trees or grass trees. These pruning styles include:

  • Formative Tree Pruning — a method of pruning that will assist the future growth of the tree.
  • Deadwood Pruning — a style of pruning that removes dead, dying or infected branches. This method is used to prevent branches from falling to the ground and causing damage.
  • Selective Tree Pruning — this method involves pruning a specific part of a tree. That part of the tree could potentially be conflicting with a cable, another tree or property.
  • Side Tree Pruning — this is used to remove branches or canopy that hang over buildings, structures or cause other interference.
  • Tree Canopy Thinning — selectively removing branches and canopy to create more natural light and airflow throughout the tree.
  • Tree Canopy Lifting — clear the low hanging branches and limbs. This is performed to create space under the tree which could be interfering with landscaping or parking.

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Our professional services Include

Lumberjacks offer premium quality services for all your tree and plant based needs.

Lumberjacks is your local and reliable source for sustainably sourced and seasoned firewood, perfect for keeping your home warm during the colder months. We offer delivery and pickup options for your convenience.

The team at Lumberjacks will provide you with an easy stump grinding service for your residential or commercial property. No matter the size, our team has the experience and machinery to grind the stump as well as remove it.

At Lumberjacks we offer various types of tree pruning services including formative, deadwood, selective, thinning, lifting and side pruning. Pruning by our professional arborist will lead to increased amount of produce and much more.

Palm tree removal as well as maintenance are tree work services offered by Lumberjacks. As highly exotic trees, it's essential that they're maintained properly and removed in a safe manner by our qualified professionals.

The team at Lumberjacks provide you with a professional, quality and hassle-free experience. All tree removal services are safely conducted by an experienced and highly qualified tree arborist.

Lumberjacks offer their customers FREE organic mulch up to a certain size. Mulch offers a lot of benefits to your soils such as retaining soil, preventing weeds and deterring pests. So take advantage of this offer today and get some mulch!

Tree lopping is the process of removing tree branches and stubs to help maintain and manage trees. The team at Lumberjacks will ensure that this process is done correctly so that there are no negative effects after the procedure.

Organise and stylise your backyard with a hedge from Lumberjacks today! Professional hedging maintenance is provided for a range of head types including Lilly Pilly, Buxus and Murraya.



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