Hedging Plants Perth


Hedging Plants Perth

At Lumberjacks, our goal is to provide you with hedge maintenance to make your garden stand out. Whether you have a small garden or a large garden we want their presence to contribute. Hedges, unfortunately, become an afterthought in gardens as they're overshadowed by trees and tall plants. A hedge that is regularly maintained can help to define your entire outdoor area.

Benefits of Growing a Hedge

There are many benefits to growing a hedge in your garden landscape. Combined with fragrant flowers they can act as a beautiful natural screening plant. Other benefits as to why you may grow hedges include:

  • They help prevent small animals from entering your garden. Animals are less likely to enter your garden with a hedge. This means your small plants and trees are safe.
  • Hedges provide shelter to the wildlife that provides you with several benefits. If wild animals are housed in your hedge they feed off pests which stops them from entering your garden.
  • They add a layer of style and complexity to your home which makes it stand out. A hedge can transform your backyard into an organized living space for your family.
  • Combined with flowers in Spring and the hot full sun shining against it can make for an unreal and beautiful outdoor centerpiece.

Perth Hedge Types

A hedge acts as a natural plant-based fence in either your front or back yard. They help to provide you with privacy around common areas such as pools, kids playhouses and entrances. Hedges also provide some noise cancellation as well as wind protection. Soil and plant erosion are also protected by hedges, as long as they're planted correctly. There are many types of hedging plants which include:

  • Photinia
  • Buxus
  • Murraya
  • Lilly Pilly
  • Callistemon Wildfire (Australian native)
  • Viburnum Tinus

There are many more options for hedging plants, these, however, are the more common ones. They are among the common due to their resistance to infection and easy pruning nature.

Perth Hedging Maintenance

Regular maintenance and care are needed when wanting to achieve a certain look with your hedge. Hedges must be well-trimmed by a professional, otherwise, they'll look uneven and regrow in uneven patches. Maintenance isn't just about correctly trimming your hedges to get the correct shape. It also involves tapering to ensure that an even distribution of sunlight. Hedge pruning is also required to assure that the continued regrowth remains even.

Different species of hedges require different hedge cutting techniques. You cannot apply the same technique to all hedges. If the wrong technique is used it can severely damage your hedge. Your hedge will become damaged or stressed which can lead to the plant's death. It's important to use a professional when it comes to maintenance. Lumberjacks will create the correct lines and shape to achieve a nice green and beautiful hedge.

Lumberjacks Hedging Tips

  • Avoid trimming your hedges during extreme heat and breezy days. Newly grown foliage tends to burn in hot sunlight, so trim during cooler days.
  • Ensure you taper to your desired shape and keep it somewhat wide at the bottom. Doing this allows the sun to reach all parts of the hedge.
  • Dig a trench in to plant your hedges to promote a full growth to the ground. Digging individual holes prevents this and causes growth issues.
  • Only use sharp tools when trimming hedges. Blunt tools will lead to tearing which opens the door to diseases.

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