5 Signs Your Trees in Perth Need Lopping and Why You Shouldn't Delay

The importance of tree lopping in Perth for maintaining a healthy, safe and attractive landscape. Tree lopping involves removing dead or overgrown branches to promote balanced growth, reduce unevenness, and avoid potential hazards. The article highlights five signs that indicate the need for tree lopping, including uneven growth, broken or leaning branches, overly thick foliage, cracking trunks, and diseased branches.

Trees are an important part of Perth’s landscape and can add beauty, value and shade to your home. But if you don’t take proper care of them, they can become a hazard or even a liability. That's why it is important to know when your trees in Perth need lopping, pruning or other maintenance work done.

By lopping correctly and on time, you will reduce the risk of branches falling onto people or property during high winds and storms. It also helps keep the tree healthy by removing deadwood which could attract pests such as borers or termites that could damage the tree further down the line. So how do you tell when it is time for some professional help? Here are five signs that your trees in Perth need lopping:

1. Uneven Growth

If the growth of your trees in Perth is uneven, it could be a sign that they need lopping. This is particularly true if one side of the tree is significantly more developed than the other. Lopping helps reduce this unevenness and aids in promoting balanced growth.

2. Broken or Leaning Branches

If you notice broken branches hanging from your trees, or if some of the branches are leaning at an angle, then it's likely that these branches require lopping for safety reasons.

Lopping helps remove any dead or dying branches that may fall from the tree and also helps to promote the healthy development of the remaining branches.

3. Overly Thick Foliage

If your trees in Perth have grown too thick and dense, then it might be time to consider lopping them back.

Lopping can help thin out overly thick foliage, allowing more light and air to reach smaller branches inside the canopy. It also allows room for new buds and even new branches to grow and develop properly. 

4. Cracking Trunks

One common issue with old trees is cracking trunks – a sign that they’ve been neglected for too long and need some care to stay healthy.

Lopping off overgrown foliage can help alleviate this problem by reducing weight on the trunk while allowing sunlight to reach its inner bark, thereby helping support its structure further down the line.

5. Diseased Branches

Trees can often be affected by various diseases like powdery mildew or leaf spot disease, both of which are made worse by overcrowded foliage and overcrowding of roots underground due to lack of space given to mature trees' root systems.

If left untreated these diseases will spread throughout a tree’s entire canopy, potentially killing it if not dealt with quickly enough – so if you think your trees may be diseased, then lopping them back could help treat such issues before they become fatal!

Why You Shouldn't Delay Tree Lopping

While tree lopping has a number of benefits, it is important to act fast if you notice any of the above signs. Here's why:

1. Unhealthy Trees

When trees are left unlopped and overgrown, they can become unhealthy. This is due to a lack of sunlight, which is essential for photosynthesis and nutrients reaching the leaves.

Branches that have grown too far can also cause weakened structures and pave the way for pests and disease. Tree lopping maintains a healthy pruning structure, keeping trees healthy, safe, and attractive all year round.

2. Increased Risks

Delaying tree lopping can come with increased risks such as dead branches falling off or entangling power lines.

If not removed in time, dangling branches can grow into power lines or other hazardous areas and create potential safety issues. By lopping them off in time, you prevent these risks from happening in the first place. 

3. Property Damage

Overgrown limbs can scrape cars parked beneath them or break windows if they snap off in windy situations. Even if the tree existing on your property doesn't belong to you, it’s still important to look after it so you don’t get sued for damages caused by its branches or roots!

A professional tree loping service will help ensure that all overgrown branches are safely trimmed away from any nearby structures or buildings, thus avoiding potential damage later on due to delays in tree lopping services.

4. Safety Issues

Overhanging branches provide an inviting entry point for intruders and animals looking for shelter or hiding spots - making security a major concern when trees are not lopped accordingly!

Professional arborists are equipped with the expertise needed to safely lopp branches of all shapes and sizes without risk of injury - ensuring both your home's security as well as its safety in general!

5. Devaluation of your Property

If you allow trees to become overgrown, it could make your property worth less money. It would not look good for people passing by, and there could also be health hazards like insects and rodents.

This could make people want to pay less money for your property if you do not take care of it soon! Therefore, timely tree lopping services should be taken into consideration as part of any home maintenance program in order to keep its market value intact!


Tree lopping is an important part of home maintenance that should not be taken for granted. The five signs mentioned above provide clear evidence as to why it’s best to act fast and get your trees loped regularly.

By doing so, you ensure safety, prevent property damage, maintain the value of your property, and keep your trees healthy and attractive all year round. Don’t delay - contact a professional tree lopping service today for more information about their services in Perth!


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